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This blog is a living, growing record of our kiddos during this beautiful time in our lives together. Here we document and share the unique experiences, ideas and inspirations enriching our lives and the children in our care. Memories and experiences are the greatest gifts we can bestow on our children... thank you for embarking on this continuing journey with us... Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about getting out there and dancing in the rain♥

Here is an excerpt from "How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years" which directly pertains to our blog here:)
"a means of sharing perspectives with parents and colleagues. When families and others are invited to contribute to the documentation and share their own interpretations, it can provide even more insights that children, educators, and families can return to, reflect on, and remember in order to extend learning."

Thanks so much for making this shared journey so memorable and so very special... lots of love♥

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Summer... a time of nature submersion, reconnecting and discovery:)

End of June... Beginning of a new chapter... turn the page...
Today is the last day of the school year!  Hurray:D  Which means it's time to delve deep into summer... Slowing down and immersing ourselves into the experiences that rejuvenate us, reconnect us and inspire us... we get to live in the day to day closeness we wish we could have all year long.  

School often feels like the interruption to "us" and our journey but school is essential and we learn best from a village:)  Many teachers mean many perspectives and a collective knowledge to light your candle with.  

I hope this summer expands and enhances their year long learning and rekindles their love of learning with new study techniques to take them on the next length of their journeys...
My Eldest Son:  Graduated from Elementary School January 27th and will continue on to High School in Grade 9 this September... 

My two middle Sons completed their perspective grades and feel very optimistic about the autumn and their journeys into grades 7 and 3...

My Daughter and my other darling in care will enter Junior Kindergarten and their first experience in a formal classroom... so far... Nature and our home environment have been a third, unseen teacher and I know they are filled with the curiosity and persistence that comes from a self-directed, open ended play based learning environment♥

I am so proud of the wonderful individuals they are and cherish these times we share together♥

They played this wonderful video at Brendan's grade 8 Commencement Ceremony and I believe it is a perfect ending for this chapter and a perfect introduction into the next...

 For summer... we will take this time to slow down... I need to remember every moment... I cherish this time... my sweet babes... slow down... ♥

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