Sharing the unique experiences, ideas and inspirations enriching our lives and the children in our care.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about getting out there and dancing in the rain♥

Welcome to our care home... Dragonfly Cove is dedicated to all the kiddos in our lives:D You will see various pictures of our kiddos learning through play in their "every day" life♥ We love to see your comments and thoughts!:D

Here is an excerpt from "How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years" which directly pertains to our blog here:)
"a means of sharing perspectives with parents and colleagues. When families and others are invited to contribute to the documentation and share their own interpretations, it can provide even more insights that children, educators, and families can return to, reflect on, and remember in order to extend learning."

Thanks so much for making this shared journey so memorable and so very special... lots of love♥

Monday, 4 December 2017


Whether I walk trails or parks with my kiddos,
Or gaze upon the birds nest in our yard,
Or wade our feet along the beach just in the edge of the water,
Or stand under vastly soaring trees in the woods,
Or converse, or rest, or dine with the ones I love, 
Or play fun games, or thoughtful inquiry with my littles,
Or become lost in one of our new books... or old ones,
Or watch my littles riding with me in the van,

 Or watching sleepy baby eyes while nursing,
Or become deeply moved while we watch films,
Or watching our wildlife on our homestead,

Or wet kisses on my cheek and little arms around my neck,
Or delight in leaves or snow twirling through the air,
Or the wonder of sunset, dawn, or of stars shining so quiet and bright,
Or the exquisite scent of my babies hair, or the quiet of their breath on my skin;
Or cuddle entwined, holding hands or being close... 
These with the rest, one and all, are to me miracles and I feel truly blessed♥

  Based on Leaves of Grass poetry collection by Walt Whitman

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Hygge in autumnal bliss♥

 All the littles went to school... some for the first time... new adventures for all
I spent the first three days bursting into tears randomly... it was the first time I've been alone in 14 years... it was sooooo hard.  I've always had little ones around me, who needed me... I wasn't even sure who I was without them here.  It was truly hard for me this year...

 The older I get... and the older they get... the less time I want to spend on house work, paper work, etc. and the more time I want to spend just "being" with my kiddos... there is an expiry date on childhood and I feel the ticking clock more keenly this year.  My eldest started high school and my youngest started junior kindergarten... there are a finite amount of years you get to spend with them before their adventures take you out of their constant inner circle... I'm feeling it...

 There are warm, comforting feelings each time we select a title for some quiet reading... we're all hygge at home here and our selections this autumn feel expansive!  I know that is likely a new one for you...  Hygge (Hoo-guh), Danish for feeling cozy, peaceful, joyful contentment from experiencing the simple things of life.  We are richly blessed with our autumnal time we get to spend together

Thanksgiving blessings...  Our Thanksgiving selections this year 

 Some Spooktacular Halloween Selections for the little ones this year

Eeeeeek! I'm super stoked about the selection for my teens to adults this season... they're seriously going to love it!

Coming into a highly commercialized season...  we would like to remember... children need experiences... not things and we have all we need of "things"... we are continuously pairing down, working towards owning fewer "things" and providing more experiences... the time we spend together exploring, learning, growing, bonding... loving... is infinitely more important...  there will be less under the tree this year and that is a good thing... a life of hygge

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Loose parts and Play dough♥

Here is a picture story of the creative play that can happen 
from setting up loose parts and play dough provocations:)
 Small, interesting containers with sorted, various small 
parts/creative tools are inviting and feed curious minds... 

Monday, 31 July 2017


Hours of Nature Play is a gift♥  We enjoy our intimacy with nature... 
Our connection with the natural world relieves stress from busy lives and returns us to a connective state in which we feel whole♥  This innate need to be immersed in our natural environment sparks our creativity and inspires our journaling this month♥


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