Welcome to our Dragonfly Cove Care Home and our Nook and a Book reading corner. This blog is a living, growing record of our kiddos during this beautiful time in our lives together. This kind of blogging is as personal and intimate as writing a journal or diary. Memories and experiences are the greatest gifts we can bestow on our children. Here we document and share the unique experiences, ideas and inspirations enriching our lives and the children in our care. You will see various pictures of our kiddos learning through play and inquiry in every day life

A couple of ideas and quotes related to our blog and growth...

"Life isn't about finding yourself; It's about creating yourself."
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's learning to dance in the rain"

My passion and love of learning stems from a belief that learning is a life-long process. We strive to be open and adaptable to the many changes and challenges of everyday life. I try to model continued learning as the children see me reading, studying and implementing new, creative adaptations and theory to our home indoor and outdoor environments and lives. By giving them these roots, my hope is they will also follow a path of inquiry and know as students of life, they will always be learning and growing

Here is an excerpt from "How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years" which directly pertains to our blog here...

"a means of sharing perspectives with parents and colleagues. When families and others are invited to contribute to the documentation and share their own interpretations, it can provide even more insights that children, educators, and families can return to, reflect on, and remember in order to extend learning."

We love reading your thoughts and comments! Thanks so much for embarking on this special, memorable journey with us... lots of love

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Dusty Violet Boutique♥

With our three boys, baby girl and 24/7 daycare, you'd think our plate was pretty full;)  It is and I love it:D
We also discovered a great way to turn my night time hobby of making pretty, lovely things for my Deanna Lillie into a side business. It's turned out to be a great way to help fund our Simcoe County Family Home Daycare with toys, new beds, equipment etc. that will always be needed, as their needs change. It also helps us to give back to the OSMH Pediatric Department for 2016. They were so great during Deanna's stay there and we are forever grateful for the blessing of our baby girl 
  (2015 donations have been going to Sick Kids Hospital. We have decided our 2016 donations will go to OSMH, peads for our quarterly donations, starting in January).

The Children, my Husband and I are so thankful for your support of our small business. You make such a difference to them and what we are able to provide for them We are hoping the Christmas sales will fund hockey nets, helmets and/or sleds for much needed outdoor, winter play this year. We now have 2 little girls that are going to love going down the kiddie hill, for the first time on sleds this year Donations of extra winter gear, craft supplies, boxed tissues etc. are always welcome at our subsidy based family home daycare

Please share Dusty Violet Boutique with your family and friends:) I am writing down my list of Christmas orders you are placing with me. Thank you for letting me be the one to make all the pretty accessories for you and your little girl Thank you so much for shopping local and making this difference in your community... bright blessing for a Merry Christmas and wondrous and joyful New Year♥


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